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F_ReinickeF_Reinicke Posts: 6 Apprentice
Good Day,
i wanna locate a small Ring (12mm) with the wrist cam.
I defined a Snapposition with the Calibration board but if i only locatate from there the Position isnt precise enough.
For that i wanna locate a second time closer to the Ring.
The movement to the Part and the Position relativ to the Part is no Problem.
But now i wanna teach the Ring, in that really close Position, without calibrationboard.
How can i do that?
The Ignore_Snapposition fuction does work but the Part is really close and it seems to don`t recordnise the sizedifference because of the much closer distance.

Can somebody help me?


  • Nicholas_FrancoeurNicholas_Francoeur Posts: 91Wrist Camera URCap 1.3.0, Vacuum Beta tester Handy

    Is your snapshot position the same as the position you used to calibrate the Wrist Camera with the board?

    The position at the Define step of the calibration doesn't have to be the same as the position you're using at the Calibrate step.

  • F_ReinickeF_Reinicke Posts: 6 Apprentice

    I do have two snapshot Positions. One far away wich is calibrated. One Close wich cant be calibrated because the Board isn't completly visible.

    I wanna locate the same Part from far as well as close.

  • Nicholas_FrancoeurNicholas_Francoeur Posts: 91Wrist Camera URCap 1.3.0, Vacuum Beta tester Handy

    This is exactly what I was trying to mention. This is how it should be done for the closest snapshot position:
    1. During the "Define Snapshot Position" step, position the wrist camera so that the object to be inspected fits in at least 10% of the field of view (represented by one rectangle area when using the "Show grid" button) but is no larger than 60% of it. Press the "Save position" button.
    2. During the "Calibration" step, place the calibration board on the workspace and position the wrist camera (using the free drive mode) to see the entire board. Press the "Calibrate" button. NOTE: This position does not have to be the same as the snapshot position previously set.
    3. Finish the calibration process by following the calibration wizard.
    You should now have a snapshot position that is close enough to locate the 12mm ring.

    Also note that it is possible to copy the calibration from the first snapshot position so that you don't have to go through the full calibration process. This will only work if the two snapshot positions are meant for the same workspace.
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