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Wondering the real difference between digital and analog I/O? Which one I should use and when?


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  • trakkeriantrakkerian Posts: 1 Recruit
    It was very helpful. Thanks for the answer. 
  • subrata8353subrata8353 Posts: 1 Recruit

    Digital input signals are used to represent items that only have two (2) states, such as... ON (binary 1) or OFF (binary 0) states. Similarly, Digital output signals are used to control items that again only have two states, such as.. START or STOP a device.-- As per your explanation that means  both the digital i/p and  digital o/p is same , because digital signal is only understand the binary , so the binary means 0 and 1. Suppose if I want to open a door or close the door through the automation software then we can use digital output and at the same time if i want to close the door and open the door through the automation software then also we can use digital input, because both the off and on if i consider as door close and door open. Could you please explain more with a proper example so that it can be better for me to understand 

    Analog signals are variable, they have multiple states. Analog input signals can represent such items as temperature or level or rate of flow. Analog output signals are also variable and can be used for such things as opening a valve to a desired position.. -- Could you please give the few example so that i can understand the difference between the digital signal and analog signal and their uses in automation 

    Waiting for your reply 

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