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DanielDaniel Partner Posts: 15 Apprentice

Hi, I'm setting up a UR10 to pick parts from a pallet with high walls on the sides using a vision camera.

Does anybody know of an elegant way to check if the robot will crash into the wall of the bin which the robot is picking parts from?

The pallet is not aligned with the base coordinate system.

I’m thinking of defining two points in opposite corners and use “Pose_trans” in some way, but I’m not sure of how to do it correctly.


  • adhecht24adhecht24 Posts: 7 Apprentice
    we are currently working with a system from Keyence (3D camera RB-800). 
    Calibration is fully automatic with the UR. 
    The monitoring of grippers, parts and crate walls with possible collisions is also monitored

  • DanielDaniel Partner Posts: 15 Apprentice

    Thank you for the feedback. I would like to program the monitoring manually...

    I would like to specify the four boundary corners and check if the calculated point (point received from vision camera) is on the inside of the box. If the calculated position is on the outside of the box I should skip picking the part.

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