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ctigerctiger Posts: 24 Apprentice
Hi DoF pros,

I made a program that have a pick and place code and after picking up it will palletizing into a pre made slots. I am using polyscope 3.5.2. The problem I have is when the UR 10 pick the parts and place it in corner 1 but when comes to the 2nd picking it goes back to the same corner. May I ask why is this so?


  • ctigerctiger Posts: 24 Apprentice

    This is my program running, I have read a discussion regarding about how before the pallet being called is when there is a change in state and need to reteach the UR, I had MoveL and MoveJ and then call for pallet, and I reteach the corner for the UR but it still goes into the same corner. 

    Any feedback and opinion are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • abelchabelch Posts: 1 Recruit
    Could you post your code?  Without it I am not sure we can help.
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