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ctigerctiger Posts: 24 Apprentice
Hi all,

My company recently bought UR 10 and would like to integrate with Mori Seiki NL2500. The NL2500 have its own set of code which run in a loop and there is a automatic bar feeder. I would like to know if I want to do a pick and place with UR 10 do I connect the output signal of the end program from NL2500 to the Remote ON/OFF control of the control box?

Thanks in advance for any advice and feedback.

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  • ctigerctiger Posts: 24 Apprentice
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    Yes that was what I was trying to do find the light tower signal and trace the PLC, what I did was finding the end program signal located at the output and measure the voltage difference between start and end cycle. And got a output of 24V and from there I connected the output signal to the config input 4 of the UR control box and it work. 


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