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T800_412T800_412 Posts: 51 Apprentice
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Does anyone have example programming, or a good resource for developing a subroutine for a UR10 to move home safely, without hitting any objects, including travel stops or self collisions?

I have an application where the UR10 is making a few complex moves that curl and twist the arm in difficult shapes, as well as some where the gripper is under obstacles. I am trying to develop a subroutine, where if there is a power fail, or some other problem that causes the robot to stop, it can use IF or SWITCH statements (or something) to get out and return home. I was thinking I would do some sort of get actual TCP pose, compare that to known locations (i.e. within a range) and follow waypoints out based on that. I also need to do this without dropping a part, if it is in the gripper when the stop occurs. I know I can come up with something, but maybe more complex than needed, if someone has already figured out how to do this?

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