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Ok perfect.

Wiring setup
First you will have to connect the power supply cable to a 24VDC 2A power supply.
Here is the pinout for the gripper.

Then, you will have to connect the Ethernet cable to your robot's Ethernet port for the EthernetIP communication setup.

Communication Setup
You will then be able to set the correct device/communication parameter for EthernetIP in your robot. You will find the communication parameters for EthernetIP HERE.

You can also use the EDS file that can be downloaded 

This will establish communication between the robot and the gripper.

I/Os setup

You will then have to map the EthernetIP IO's in your robot. By changing these IO's you will be able to control the gripper. You can look at the Control section in the manual to help you map out the correct IOs on your robot.

Let me know if you need any other information!