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Hi @Irland_stewart,

There is no included command to do it.  But you could have the command in a thread based on a timer. It could also be based on position using the get_actual_tcp_pose() function.
For example, if you create the following in a thread:

current_pos = get_actual_tcp_pose()
It should open the gripper as soon as the elevation is higher than 50mm.

Otherwise, you might want to try the Gripper quick_release skill available on our
skill website. It allows to send an open command, but execute the next action as soon as the gripper has open enough to release the part. 

You can also uncheck the "complete gripper motion before executing next action" This doesn't allow the command to be executed while moving but you'll be able to move as soon as the command has been sent and the gripper is still opening or closing.