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My customer wants to program the gripper to slowly close until the pipette they are picking up is detected and then move to another waypoint where they want to squeeze the pipette to get the fluid out. Here is an overview:

1.      Go to location A with gripper fingers wide open at height h.

2.      Move the arm down to where the object is – pipette – i.e. down by height h

3.      Slowly close the fingers until rq_object_detect is 1 – the object is detected.

4.      Move arm up back to height h

5.      Move to location B

6.      Down the arm by h - slowly

7.      Squeeze the pipette - slowly

8.      Move arm up to height h.

9.      Move to location A

10.   Move the arm down by h- slowly

11.   Release the pipette – i.e. open the pipette

12.   Move the arm up by h. 

13.   Go step 1.

How would you recommend operating the gripper?


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