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I see 4 steps in the gripper sequence.

Step 1: Before the initial pick up of the pipette.
The gripper needs to open large enough to allow gripping of the pipette. This is easy thing. You can partially open the gripper large enough or simply have it fully open. 

Step 2: . Closing slowly on the pipette to pick it. 
I am not sure how strong the pipette is but if you want to get a good 'weak' grasp such that you don't squeeze the pipette, here are some key tricks. 

  • First figure out at which value the gripper should close to pick the pipette (basically figure out the value of the gripper when closed on the pipette (pipette diameter)). 

  • Jog the gripper manually using the widget for this. 

  • Then add a couple of digits to that number to make sure you pass that position a bit, but not too much that you actually end up squeezing the pipette. 

  • Then start from slower speed and lower force and test it. (First find closing force strong enough to hold the pipette then increase speed once you have found that force to reduce cycle time.) In this you need to use rq_set_force, rq_set_speed and rq_set_pos to achieve the above description. 

  • Then having the gripper move using rq_move_and_wait

Step 3: Squeezing the pipette. 
I would simple again use a gripper rq_move_and_wait but this time with rq_set_pos to a position that would allow a proper squeeze of the pipette, rq_set_force at a higher value, rq_set_speed could also be at a higher value. 

Step 4: Back to Step 1
This would basically having the gripper open back up to position of step 1 for the next pipette pickup.

Starting from the pick_and_place_demo_with_subprogram, you should be able to program this fast with simple cut and paste!

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the thorough description. :)