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akashpakashp Posts: 2 Recruit
Hello , I am recently working on autonomous pick and place application same as showcased in APC(Amazon picking challenge) 2016 on ROS platform with UR5 robot and robotiq 2 fingered 140 mm gripper.I am new to this challenge and want to know about experiences if any from community members dealing with similar problem since I need to pick objects from semi to full clutered rack bin and with present Robotiq design its fingers tips seems to be bulky to enter into rack bin around pick object and grasp it.I am using some open source grasp planning softwares over ROS which sample antipodal grasp point and use pre trained CNN model to rate those grasps and execute the highest rated grasp.So I would like to hear from community as in how to deal with fully cluttered rack bin with Robotiq gripper?Below are some snapshots of my current scenerio.


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