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Hello Pros,

Robotiq just launched a new Skill on

The Click Detection Skill uses the data measured by the FT 300 Force Torque Sensor to detect sudden force drops in a specific direction, in contexts such as the push of a button or the linking of different types of mating connectors.

The Click Detection node will execute a linear motion according to the selected direction and speed, and will consequently result in a successful or a failed detection.

  • A sudden drop of force greater than the selected Detection threshold results in a successful detection
  • If the force applied reaches the Maximum force value set by the user, or if the linear motion reaches the Maximum distance set by the user, the detection will have failed.
Pre-packaged with user-friendly If statements for the various outcomes of a click detection, this Skill can help your robot perform various insertion, assembly and quality control tasks.






You could try eccentric rotation.
or for example if you were to tighten a screw with an allen key, force could be measured along the X axis.