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DanfoaDanfoa Posts: 3 Apprentice
Good day,

At our Company we have currently two 2-fingers adaptive grippers both with a correspondent "robotiq universal controller", connected to a FS100 Motoman controller through PROFINET protocol.

We are integrating our robot with ROS, but we need the robot to work with both platforms (i.g. one week Yaskawa standard firmware, then one week with ROS), which from the robot controller point of view is possible, nevertheless I am not sure about the grippers.

Could it be possible to (without changing hardware i.g. cables) connect the computer with ros and the robot controller together to the "robotiq universal controller" and control the grippers with both platforms? (again not at the same time, when the Profinet protocol control runs then the Modbus will be shut down and vice versa).


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