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MattiasMMattiasM Posts: 9 Apprentice
Hi, I'm a bit of a rookie, so this might be a stupid question.
I've made 4 programs, the robots job is to pick up an object and palletize it withing a deep box (can go into more detail if needed).
Anyways, today I was given a new task, make a 5th program for a bigger box. It's so big the robot can't reach the corners from it's current position, so what i need to do is move the robot closer to the box(es). Is there a way to change all the waypoints for the other 4 programs equally? Or do I have to change every single position? The palletizing sequence consists of a mix of list and boxpatterns.

(the box/boxes will always be in the same position regardless of wich program and what it's running)

Thanks in advance.

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