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jianlan_jianlan_ Posts: 10 Apprentice
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Hello DoF Pros,

I am using FT300 + CB3.1 + URCap1.2.1 + UR5 robot.  I plugged FT300 usb cable into the UR5 control box usb slot. And in teaching pendant, I have enabled use FT300 signal for all force control node.  

1. Currently, I am streaming UR script  'force_mode (xx,xx,xx,xx)' via ROS driver (ur_modern_driver) from a computer. I am wondering if I could get the FT signal at the same time in that computer, if the sensor USB cable is plugged into the UR control box.   

2.  If I enabled the function feeding FT300 data into all force control node,  I guess then the robot should somehow publish FT300 data, would there be anyway I can access that . ?



  • louis_bergeronlouis_bergeron Posts: 94 Handy

    You can leave the sensor connected to the USB port in the UR.  Remotely, you can have access to the FT sensor data streaming through an Ethernet connection with the UR and establish a socket connection to it at the port 63351.

    You'll find a python example in our application package here.
    Louis Bergeron
    Integration Coach
    [email protected]
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