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  • Re: Place to share fingertip designs?

    @bsaund, Great idea! I have uploaded the basic silicone fingertips that come with the Robotiq 2F85 Gripper on GrabCad. Here is the link for the .step file : https://grabcad.com/library/robotiq-c-204-2f85-silicone-fingertips-1.

    You can upload your models on GrabCad and you can use tags to make your model easier to find! (ex: Robotiq, 3 finger gripper, robotics, etc..)
  • Using the gripper to bin parts

    Hi all,

    I curious to see how sensitive the Robotiq camera was to a variation in the dimensions of a part that was taught to the vision system. So I 3D printed two parts that have the same geometry, but the dimensions are slightly different. The first part is 2.25"x2.25", whereas the second part is 2"x2". The following picture illustrates the small difference between these two parts.

    As you can see, the parts are very similar. I taught the larger part to the vision system using a yellow background. I tested the difference between the detection scores, the larger object(The object taught to the vision system) I was getting a detection score of about 82%, and I was getting a detection score of roughly 65% for the smaller part. So I could have used the detection threshold to differentiate these parts, but I would've had to use a second camera locate node to find the smaller part. So I decided to work with a detection threshold of 60% to be able to identify both parts using the same camera locate node. I decided to use the gripper's function " rq_current_position" to get feedback from the gripper regarding the position of the fingertips. When gripping the larger part, I was getting a position value of 89, and I was getting a value of 105 for the larger part. Knowing this I simply used two if statements to place these parts into two different bins. 
    Here is a video of the demonstration:

  • Re: Installing the 3-Finger Gripper on the Wrist Camera

    @MarcelinaMisiak, Here is a .step file for the adapter plate. 

    Please don't hesitate if you would like a different format!
  • Re: Spiral search using FT300 sensor


    Thank you for the feedback regarding the Spiral Search program. 

    The program uses the robot's TCP position, this means that you do not have to reprogram anything as long as you position the tool in the correct orientation before calling the Spiral Search subprogram. If you position the TCP with a 90deg offset relative to the base, the spiral search will be performed in this orientation.

    Louis mentioned a revised version of the program that is available on the Robotiq website. The revised version can be downloaded by clicking on the following link : http://blog.robotiq.com/spiral-search?_ga=2.123390987.1087686588.1500726322-1745763925.1494319737
    In this program the template, the spiral search program is included in a script file. The included PDF document will explain how to setup the script file within a UR program.
  • Re: Spiral Search

    @_patrick_ Yes, the template will work with the FT150 sensor. You will be able to decrease the force thresholds if you use the FT150 sensor since you will have a better sensitivity with the FT150 sensor!