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  • Gear Insertion

    Hey guys,

    I would like to share a proof of concept I worked on today for a potential customer who is interested in using the FT300 sensor to insert gears into a Go-NoGo jig. So I 3D printed a jig with internal teeth matching the same profile of the gear I used in this demo. 

    Since the fit between the gear and the jig is fairly tight, the force sensor is required to match the teeth of both the gear and the jig. To accomplish this, the gear is moved in the Z axis until the a force of 20N is encountered, this indicates that the gear is in contact with the top of the jig. From here, the subprogram Circle_Search is called to rotate the gear in Rz (Clockwise) and the variable search is set to TRUE. An event is triggered if the force in the variable search is set to TRUE and if the force in the Z axis is smaller than 10N.

    I hope this can useful for similar applications that you may be working on!