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  • Re: Insights: User variables, update rates


    Here are my answers:
    1. As of today, it is not possible to send custom variables to Insights. Only the cycle count can be sent from a robot program to count the number of cycles completed. You can also view dedicated inputs DI4, DI5, DI6 and DI7, as well as tool inputs TI0 and TI1 (in the hourly view).
    2. The dashboard refreshes every minute when in the hourly view. In all other views, you need to refresh the page to see the values updated. 
    3. To give you an overall idea, a robot that runs 10h a day, 5 days per week and that generates a lot of events (many programs, I/Os, ...) will send approximately 75 MB per month. 

    Let us know if you need further information. 
  • Re: Using rq_get_object_location()


    My recommendation would be to assign what the rq_get_object_location() function returns to a function. The value returned is the pose of the located object in the base frame - which is the robot's base frame. Note that it is updated each time the program finds an object and thus goes inside the Camera Locate node. 
    Camera Locate
        variable = rq_get_object_location()
    You can then use the pose of the objects to build your program logic around it. 

    Did the above help you?
  • Re: Using the gripper to bin parts

    @K_Bing the gripper will close 0.4mm per count for the 2-Finger 85. It is detailed in this section of the instruction manual. Note that the gripper is fully open at the 0 position and fully closes in encompassin mode at 255. 

  • Torque Tightening

    Hi Pros, 

    Here's the program template of the week! It allows to perform a torque tightening assembly application along UR wrist’s Z axis. It can be used in assembly tasks requiring tightening - screwing - of two parts together. This template uses the FT 300 feedback in order to tighten parts up to a defined torque. This allows to have repeatability in assembly where a torque tightening is needed. The FT 300 adds the forces and torques feedback to the robot arm. It is therefore able to complete the assembly task, including torque tightening of parts with the appropriate moment.

    Get the full program template here and take a look at this sneak peek!

  • How to Teach an Object With the New 1.2.0 Wrist Camera URCap

    Hi Pros,

    With the release of the Wrist Camera URCap (version 1.2.0), we added a new teaching method. Make sure to check out this updated video on how to teach an object with the Wrist Camera. Watch until the end to view the parametric teaching method.