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  • When you start a new program with the Keyence controller, do you have the option to do a robot linked program? Some of our older controllers did not have that option. 
  • Keyence has developed a cap for the UR. You can download it from their site. It requires you to have a code for the download, which you can get by using the serial number of the controller or talk to the Keyence sales rep. you acquired the controlle…
  • Thank you mathewd92. I am getting in touch with Keyence Vision support to find out if it is capable of scanning.
  • I am trying to connect a Keyence vision system to an UR5 through Ethernet IP. I have enabled the Ethernet option on the UR, but still am not able to see the outputs from the vision system. Is there anything further that I need to do on the UR?
  • Thank you Matthewd92. With your help I was able to accomplish what I set out to do, and it was a lot easier than I had anticipated.
  • Currently I am using an output in from the UR to index the conveyor based on time.  The conveyor will have parts and runners, so a sensor for detection may not be an option. I will try and set up my flag this morning and post my progress shortly. Th…
  • Thank you Annick_Mottard. Will you be able to direct me to some instruction on setting up the variables you are talking about.
  • I am trying to pick 4 parts off of a conveyor. After the 1st part is picked the output turns on and the remaining 3 parts get run onto the floor. I need the cam locate to run until the conveyor is empty of parts then turn on the output. I was try…