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  • Hi,  You can use a thread who will read the value that you will send to your robot with your PLC. You can put that value into a variable. Then, as Matthew said, when you close your gripper you can call this function with your variable instead of a …
  • Bonjour Damien, Voici le lien pour télécharger le dernier URcap : Comme vous avez la dernière mise à jour de polyscope, je vous suggère aussi de mettre la dernière version du URcap. Vous t…
  • Hi UR3user, You will need to upgrade it sequentially. 3.5 , 3.6, 3.7 etc. Regards,
  • Hi Hal, In the UR e-series, the sensor is embedded and controlled by UR. The port is reserved by Robotiq but is it not used.  An alternative solution is to create a thread in your program, create a script who will send the data of the sensor to a s…
  • Hello Matthew, Robotiq have made 2 applications package that could help you. The first one is to use the ethernet port to capture the data from the FT300 to an external PC. The second package will help you to stream the data to a csv file. With thi…