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  • @rangya I would like to evaluate your software. I did not see a download option in your web site. How do I get a 30 days trial?
  • @Sebastien it's not a tool that you simply start playing with and understand how to operate. It requires some training, can be self training. RobotExpert is an entry level for Process Simulate. watch these movies to get a feeling. There are few wiza…
  • @Tyler_Berrymann Process simulate supports most of the common robot brands, like ABB, Fanuc, Kuka, UR and many others.  Which robot brand/model are you looking at? Process Simulate has a module to interact with smart devices via signals. light and p…
  • Another simulation tool that is well known and common in the automotive industry is Tecnomatix Process Simulate. Watch following movie that shows many features that can be used for cobots safety analysis. 
  • Hi Sebastian, Have a look at Siemens Tecnomatix Process Simulate application. Plenty of movies in YouTube. One specific movie presents exactly what you're looking for: simulation of UR5 and human that places a product in an assembly station. It show…