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  • @BenjaminK No problem. Right now, robots that we support and have an easy interface to control the gripper are: -UR -TM/OMRON -Hanwha We also support Yaskawa on the HC10 robot and Doosan robots but they do not have a simple interface like all the…
  • Hello @ZH2112, We are currently investigating on where the plugin can be downloaded. We do no host it on our website since it has been developped by them and recently they changed some things on their website so the download link does not work anym…
  • Hello @BenjaminK, Unfortunately, thre is no intuitive interface right now for the gripper and it requires a Robotiq Universal Controller because the communication is Modbus/TCP. However, from what we know the team at Doosan is currently working on …
  • Hello @tjcooper, We currently do not support the FT300 on Yaskawa controller. It may be possible using a gateway such as Anybus to convert the signal from the sensor (RS485 Modbus RTU) to communication signal of your choice (such as Ethernet/IP). A…
  • Hello @ZH2112, I have tested our products on the AUBO i5 robots and they work well. For simple pick and place applications, this robot works well and all of our adaptive grippers (2F-85, 2F-140, Hand-E) work. All you need to do is to download the p…
  • Hello @jnolan1014, The procedure to set up the gripper on the YRC1000 and YRC1000micro controllers can be found here: We do not have any experience with the GP25 robot, however this procedure worked for th…