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  • Mahone07
    Dear Tyler Berryman
    Hope you are well today.
    My name is Frank and I am a student in Melbourne University in Australia. I am very interested about how to use wrist camera to identify object when I see your demo project 'Using the Wrist Camera to Identify A Tray' on YouTube. I have a C-series UR3 robot with Robotiq Wrist Camera and I like to write a program to use wrist camera identify objects and grip objects one by one from tables even objects can be placed in a random orientation. For now, I just achieve object-detected by create a snapshot position. However, how to achieve catch objects without set fixed waypoints when objects can be placed in a random orientation. I am a new beginner to use UR3 and Wrist Camera so please give me some recommendations about my question if you have time. Looking forward your reply.


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    July 16