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Bio Fighting in the up hill battle of automation in a job shop. Currently losing many battles, but the i will win the war :/
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Full Name Jon C. Schena Jr
Job Title Robotic technician
Industry Sheet metal forming
Country US - United States
Company (optional) Tonnard Manufacturing


  • barthouben
    Hi Jon

    I'm very sorry to hear you were disappointed with our Pick-it M system. I would like to learn more about what exactly disappointed you about this product. So please feel free to contact me on +32 16 624 882 or drop me a line on [email protected]

    Our M-HD product combines our latest software release with a high definition 3D color camera.

    The latest software release includes a big update to our Teach engine which enables you to detect more parts in a shorter amount of time.

    The new high definition 3D color camera enables you to pick smaller parts or parts with smaller features with higher accuracy and precision.

    So I'm sure the M-HD product broadens the potential of possible applications for Pick-it without losing the the ability to set it up fast and without any previous knowledge about vision.

    If you would be open to send us some of your parts, we would like to test these to show you the potential, like we do every day for interested leads from over the world. In that way we can show you the benefits our product and maybe help you solving some of your challenges.

    November 13