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Shina0901Shina0901 Posts: 6 Apprentice
I am using Machine Tending KIT (Hand E).
Is it possible to replace one hand with 2F-85 or 2F-140?


  • MarcAndre_BaronMarcAndre_Baron Posts: 17 Apprentice
    Hi @Shina0901,

    Yes, it is possible to switch one Hand-E for a 2F-85 or 2F-140.

    The Robotiq Gripper URCap is the same for the Hand-E, Vacuum, and 2F grippers.

    That being said, the 2F grippers are not rated IP67 like the Hand-E gripper, so make sure that the operating conditions are still safe for the 2F grippers.

    Kind regards,

    Marc-André Baron

    Senior Technical Support

    +1 418-380-2788 ext: 401

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