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NickAarsvoldNickAarsvold Posts: 8 Apprentice
I am working on making some new curriculum for a robotics class that I help teach.
In it we are working to give students an opportunity to use several technologies they have learned throughout the course including, a UR5 robotic arm, a robotiq gripper, a robotiq wrist camera, RoboDK robot simulation software, and tensorflow.
The previous work that the students do with image manipulation is using OpenCV, therefore we are planning on using the wrist camera plugged into a PC. (All the code controlling the robot and peripherals will be run from a python script) 
I was wondering if it is possible to operate the LEDs on the wrist camera from a python script? I have gotten all the other functionality including the focusing of the robot to work using OpenCV's functions for USB cameras

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  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 695 Expert
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    Interesting to know that you manage to control focus with OpenCV USB camera functions. Would be nice if you could share your experience on this.

    Our camera is designed to be controlled by UR controller via its URCAP. If you make a direct connection to a PC the wrist camera will behave like a webcam and you will have no our limited control over the image. We have no documentation about how to control the camera via a direct USB connection. It is not officially supported.

    You may find some hints to control LED looking a program script code but there is little change you could manage to control the LED.


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