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ericeric Founding Pro, Partner Posts: 18 Handy

Hey All,

I have a program where light curtains are hard wired into the safeguard stop of a UR3 with auto reset so when you reach into the work cell, the robot will pause. When leaving the protective area resuming the program, a thread in the program would occasionally get stuck at the end "sync()" command and not return to the top of the thread.  We noticed that the longer the robot was paused, over 5 seconds, you are almost guaranteed the error we are experiencing.

This thread is responsible for reading force data from the robotiq force torque sensor. We would then apply a force too large causing a protective stop. Is there a solution for this? Possibly a return function after sync or something like that?

To summarize, when the robot enters safeguard stop from the light curtains, and then resumes after we leave the protective area, our force monitoring thread freezes up (even though the Force values appear to be updating) and we end up pushing too hard against the FT150 because our Fz value isn’t updating. 

Has anyone delt with this? 



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  • ericeric Founding Pro, Partner Posts: 18 Handy
    Yeah, this was our solution and the customer is happy!  Thank you again Annick!
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