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renaldirenaldi Posts: 9 Apprentice
Hi experts. a little about my setup.
UR10 CB3

Im using the surface finishing kit for MIRKA and Dynabrade sanding tools.
i have the MIRKA kit installed with a 77mm random orbit sander for air.
now i had many issues with force control it was not stable swinging around 15-20N from my target N 
and im sanding in carbon fiber parts and its crucial i can keep a smooth fixed pressure when sanding.
now after back and forth trying different things i found out when sander starts it will generate vibrations on the FT-300
and give me unstable force control. that lead to bad parts.
if i dont turn on sander and keep speed to 5 when running a multipoint path force control is stable +- 1N from my 5N target.
is there anyway i can fine tune this so i can run faster than 5 and hopefully be able to start my sanding machine?
below are the settings i run. if there is any options of adjusting please dont be shy. 



  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 624 Expert
    Thank you for sharing you experience on DoF.
    My recommandation would be to increase the force to 20N. It is closer to manual process and ease force control.
    I think it is also better to focus on part finish rather than force value on the teach pending which can vary a lot in such application.

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