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BobbypointeBobbypointe Posts: 14 Apprentice
I'm strugling with the IOs on a gripper 2 fingers.
Here is my problem:
1. Depending on when I have issue on my program, the robot could be shut down with a piece in the gripper.
2. When I start the robot again, A flag is telling me that I have this piece, but my gripper is not initialized.
3. As the piece is a part of the handler, it can't be left off anywhere. I have to depose it at a defined place.
4.If I start the init, the gripper open and close itself, but it close again on the piece (so the closed position is not the right one).

It means, I need to perform an init, open the gripper, move the robot and perform a new init.
Unfortunately, it seems not to be possible with an IO gripper.
If I restart the init sequence, the gripper interpretes it as a Preset sequence.

Is there a special hidden way to force an new init on an IO gripper when it is already done?
(without shutting it down )



  • MarcAndre_BaronMarcAndre_Baron Posts: 17 Apprentice

    There should be no problem to make 2 successive activations of the IO coupling.

    My colleague made some test and confirmed that it is possible to make 2 successive activations with TM IO coupling and our TM component node

    The sequence had to be done with a wait time of 100ms (between the different input changes) instead of 10ms as described in the documentation.

    I hope we were able to resolve your issue. Do not hesitate to contact us if we can assist you any further.

    Kind regards,

    Marc-André Baron

    Senior Technical Support

    +1 418-380-2788 ext: 401

  • BobbypointeBobbypointe Posts: 14 Apprentice

    Problem is solved.
    I Was performing a sequence in test mode which is too slow to be interpreted as an init sequence.
    The 100ms is ok, 10ms is not well working as you wrote.

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