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Hello Pros, 

I have a small (1-1.5" 25.4-38.1 mm) round part that I am trying to deburr. I have the robot positioning the part parallel to the deburr wheel then moving the part in to the force I need. Also my wheel is a Ceramic bristle brush, so there is give and wear, but it is not as soft as a polish wheel. 

On a previous part that was asymmetrical I used a force control node with a wait for force followed by a 6-point Path inside the force control node. This would then move the part until it found the force needed then execute the 6-Point Path. I used Current Position, with a Base frame. This is setup so that as my wheel wears down the robot follows it to maintain the force I programmed. 

With the round part I was trying to use a multi-point path with incremental turns of Wrist 3 to spin the part against the wheel. Like the previous part I placed this in a force control node below a wait for force. However on this part the robot does not move for the wait for force until it times out, and then it executes the multipoint path while not maintaining force against the wheel. In order to get the path to execute properly I needed to use Motion frame. 

I am curious if multipoint path doing a circle, while also moving in or out as the wheel wears or is changed is not possible for some reason or if there is something I am doing wrong in my approach here. 

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