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macSkenmacSken Unconfirmed Posts: 6 Apprentice
I'm using a UR10/CB3 with 3.8 software. To give everyone an example to what I'm doing I have multiple drawers that will be presented to the robot. The drawers will then be pulled out with the robot. Is there a way to have one program and for it to just change relative to each plane of the drawer?

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  • matthewd92matthewd92 Founding Pro, Tactile Sensor Beta Testers Posts: 1,157 Handy
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    Yes, the way to do that is to make each of the planes a variable. Then you can use a single feature for your program to work from. When you want to switch to the new drawer just update the variable feature to the new feature. Just be sure to save off the original feature into a variable so that when you switch back to the original feature you can set it back.  

    Also, you will need to keep track of which feature you are using and reset it if the program is restarted as the feature will reset back to what is stored in the installation file. 

    We do this when we have rotary tables and such. The only difference is we calculate all of the waypoints and so we store the current active feature into a generic variable and then just make the assignment based on sensors so that at startup the system assigns the correct plane to the working variable. We then use that working variable in our pose_trans calculations. 


  • Kirk_ReedKirk_Reed Posts: 2 Recruit

    I appreciate this question.  I too have a similar need.  Instead of a drawer with a plane associated with it (and movements), I will have a slot that I need to insert a device that will be calibrated.  I will have many calibrators with the same slot feature that I will need to switch in/out of the variable Matthew (above) described. 

    Thanks!  -Kirk-

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