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pgb123pgb123 Posts: 12 Apprentice
Hi gurus, we have a ur3 with Robotiq Gripper and wrist camera on exhibition and our customer insisted it run via joystick.

We eventually (with your help) got it going with urx 2 months ago BUT the robot movement is jerky (stops and starts some times) tho Z movement is almost always perfect and x, y ocassionaly is good. 

We're using rob.translate_tool

Is there any way to get smooth motion?

Also is there any more info on rob.translate_tool and does it in turn call pose_trans? Is that sometimes jerky but fixable?

Any help at all would be more than greatly appreciated.


  • SilvuurleafSilvuurleaf Posts: 3 Apprentice
    There is an online document that evaluates the 'performance and capabilities' of the UR-10. MoveL, and MoveJ do not offer the best in terms of 'smooth' movement. The best case is to use speedJ command via analog control, but this requires you have joint speeds for each axis.

    May I also recommend the rope-robotics library for UR-10. On bit-bucket as URInterface.

    I myself am trying to implement something similar, but am having trouble hope you can solve this.
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