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Nicoros76Nicoros76 Posts: 1 Recruit
edited June 2018 in Integration
I need to install MinGw on my Computer (Windows) to show command of the Ft Sensor. I proceeded the same way explained in the "Robotiq FT300 instuction manual" page 53.
Everythings work perfectly until the step 8, when i have to run the compiler. The compiler respond " make: gcc: Command not found". What can I change to correct this error ?


  • nicolas_bouchardnicolas_bouchard Posts: 28 Handy
    Hi Nicoros,

    Thanks posting in the Blog.

    Are you sure that you follow all the steps? Please double check if you select Installation: Apply Changes  to install all the necessary packages. It looks like the GCC package is not installed properlly.

    Please come back if you this is not fixing your issue.

    Best regards,
    Nicolas Bouchard, B. Eng., M. Sc.
    Digital Learning Project Manager
    [email protected]
    1-418-380-2788 ext. 240

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