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mjonesmjones Posts: 1 Recruit
I have recently installed the latest UR Caps for my FT-140 (1.1.3) and it appears that the default values on start up for the Speed and Force are now 100% rather than 0% which I believe it was in the previous release.
The majority of work that I do with the robot is programming and having the default be slower and softer was advantageous just in case of something going wrong.

Was this a change in the latest version? or could it just be something to do with my set up?
Is it possible to set the default values somewhere?
Could this be set to 0% in the next version?

Set up
UR3 CB3.1 - UR Software
FT-140 - UR Gripper 1.1.3
UR Camera 1.2.3 (gripper is attached to camera)



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