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bryanrichards78bryanrichards78 Posts: 1 Recruit
edited March 2018 in Programming

I am trying to figure out how to communicate to the Haas controller to switch CNC programs.

I want to run multiple part numbers in a row but don't know how to tell the HAAS controller to change programs?

G188 is used for pallet changers and might be a solution?  Any ideas?





  • Samuel_BouchardSamuel_Bouchard Posts: 150 Handy
    @Kevin_Matthews would you have any clue as you'Ve worked with similar applications with Haas machine?

  • Kevin_MatthewsKevin_Matthews Partner Posts: 3 Apprentice
    I dont have any experience changing a CNC program via an external command from the robot, everything I have done has required the CNC main program to be running for the handshake commands back and fourth. However, what I suggest you may want to try if possible is to have all of your programs as "subprograms" essentially in your main CNC program. Each of these will be conditioned by branches such that when the cnc program starts, it requests the robot to tell it what subprogram to run. The robot will then reply back with the specific code for that branch, then the cnc will run that branch and return back to the main. On the next iteration, it will again ask the robot, this time the robot can request the next program by setting the specific code to allow the next branch.
    This way the robot is in control of the program flow. 
    It may be possible to call up programs on your Haas externally, but I've never done that. 
    Controls/Applications Engineer
    Axis New York
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