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SebastienSebastien Posts: 219 Handy
Hi pros,
My question is to other UR integrators or distributors. We visit clients, mostly SMEs every week and we see a lot of robot potential in many different companies. Based on most clients that we visited we realized that robotics is often still seen as a million dollar solution for a company. But with UR robots this is not the case. We explain and detail the potential of the robots but people just seems to keep on fighting against labour shortage by trying to find and hire new labour as opposed to investing a few bucks into a robotics system.

What do you guys see with your clients and what tricks do you use to make them think deeper into considering robotics to add value to their manufacturing?


  • Kaleb_RodesKaleb_Rodes Founding Pro, Partner, Beta Tester VIsion 1.1 Program, Tactile Sensor Beta Testers, Beta Tester Camera URCap 1.2.0-beta Posts: 62 Handy
    edited November 2016
    @Sebastien take a look at the article attached to this post. It's from the business section of The Wall Street Journal from a few weeks ago and is an interesting read. The article offers great viewpoints and future outlook of collaborative robots in manufacturing industries.

    I believe a great way to persuade customers and potential buyers is by showing them successful case studies of companies with similar applications. In addition, a half day feasibility study and quick video with the customers part(s) helps seal the deal.

    You can view the full article at this link if you have a subscription to WSJ or download below.
    Kaleb Rodes
    Applications Engineer
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