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We were asked this year to build an IoT demo robot the the annual Salesforce user meeting in San Francisco which is called Dreamforce.  This year there are approximately 171,000 attendees at the 4 day show.  We cloud connected a UR5 using our proprietary cloud connector with a cellular connection and then wrote an additional screen in our app for the users to play the game on an iPad with cellular connection.  The objective of the game is to move a stack of disks from one tower to one of the other two towers on the game board by moving one piece at a time, and never stacking a larger disk on a smaller disk.  We set the game up so that the attendees could play with 3, 4 or 5 disks with the more disks increasing the level of complexity.  For instance a 3 disk game can be solved in 7 moves while a 5 disk game takes a minimum of 31 moves to complete.  Here is a short video of the game being played by one of the attendees.  

The way we made this work was the user plays the game on the iPad which sends move commands to the cloud, we then get the commands down from the cloud, process the commands and then send the robot the actions to take over port 30002 using a TCP socket.  There is no program actually running on the robot controller, everything is being served to it by our cloud connector.

Amazing what is possible in todays world of computers.


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