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Chad354Chad354 Posts: 4 Apprentice
Hi Everyone,
We have an assembly project I'am considering using a UR and wrist camera for. The basic sequence would be to locate and pick component 1, then locate component 2 and assemble component 1 to it. Then locate and pick component 3 and again locate component 2 and assemble component 3 to it.
I have no first hand experience with the wrist camera and I have a few questions(I'm sure more are to come).
1) How many different snap shots can be used in a single program?
2) These parts come in various shades of whites, browns, and blacks and matte and gloss finishes. How sensitive is the  wrist camera to changing colors/finishes?
3) For best results all components would need to be on the same plane as the calibration board, correct?
4) If different snapshots are needed for different programs will the snapshots be re-called when the robot program is loaded or will they need to be re-taught each time a job is set up?
5) Can the F/T sensor, 2 jaw gripper and camera be used on the UR at the same time?
Thanks for the help.

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