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CarlosCarlos Partner Posts: 0

We have a problem with the communication with a robotiq gripper using ROS. I will explain the problem with more detail to check if you can help us.

We have a robot UR10 with a C-model Gripper (2 fingers). The gripper is connected to the Robot controller through one of the USB port. Then we connected the robot to the computer through Ethernet and using ROS and the modern drivers for the UR10 we can manage to control the robot using the computer. The gripper is working using the teach pendant but we want to use ROS also to control the gripper but we are not sure how to do it because we just find some tutorials of ROS using Modbus. These are the drivers that we are using:


And these are the tutorials that I mention:

http://wiki.ros.org/robotiq/Tutorials/Control of an S-Model Gripper using the Modbus TCP Protocol

So maybe you can help us with the setup to make the gripper works under ROS together with the UR10.




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