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DanielDaniel Posts: 15Partner Apprentice
edited November 2016 in Robotiq Products
Hi. I just installed an FT300 sensor on a UR CB3 robot.

After loading the URCAPS and restarting Polyscope I want to load the program "Calib_tool.urp", but I can't find it in the program list.
And I can't find the program "template_sensor.urp" either.

Robot is running latest Software (V3.3.3)

I have been troubleshooting a bit, but I cant make the programs appear. Is there any tips or tricks to make the program templates appear?

Can I download the programs from Robotic.com somewhere? I have been searching around...

Thanks for any reply.

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  • DanielDaniel Posts: 15Partner Apprentice
    Thank you. I was looking in that folder but I thought that these files came from a different installation of some earlier equipment.
    It's our demo robot and it has been used for many different things.
    Now I found what I need.
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