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LastManCZELastManCZE Posts: 4 Apprentice
Hello guys,

i need advice. I have palletizing application with two cobots UR3 and UR10. UR10 pick up pieces from pallet and place it on table. UR3 pick up these part (after signal) and put it to the machine. In pallet i have two layers, pieces are in two plastic forms each have 36 pieces. When i pick up all parts from first layer i must move empty plastic form to other side. And there is a problem. I must say to UR3 that he must stay in safe position, after the getting signal he can continue at last step. Is any way how to save last step and continue from it? Or its better way to add variable that count pick up pieces, when we reach 36,  then put it to the machine and wait for the signal - workplace is clear?

Thanks for the answers. If you have more questions dont be afraid ask guys.


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