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Hello Pros,

On January 24, 2019, Robotiq packaged version 1.6.2 of the 2F-85/2F-140 firmware in order to fix a bug.
Firmware 1.6.1 and previous versions occasionally prevent 2F-85/2F-140 Grippers to complete their initialization cycle.

Since there is no definite Gripper behavior indicating the presence of the bug, and since there is no specific range of serial numbers affected, Robotiq strongly recommends to update the firmware of all 2F-85/2F-140 Grippers.

Upgrade using a PC
From a hardware point of view, you should have on hand:

- A standard M12 Gripper coupling
- A 10-meter high-flex cable (CBL-COM-2065-10-HF)
- A USB to RS485 signal converter (ACC-ADT-USB-RS485) to connect the coupling to the PC

Contact [email protected] if you do not have the necessary material to upgrade your 2F Robotiq Adaptive Gripper.

1. Browse to this link
2. Download the compressed package
3. Extract the executable upgrader
4. Follow the procedure set out in the PDF file found in the folder

Please communicate with the support team at [email protected] to report any issue. Our development team is continuously working on making our products better.

Philippe Léonard, C. Tr.
Technical Writer
[email protected]


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