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JopsonLJopsonL Posts: 12 Apprentice
edited June 2018 in Programming

I am trying to create a homing sequence for a UR10 robot and have done so using way points and not the get_actual_tcp_pose() function as it needs to find its way out of a molding machine. 

My question is how do i get this function to run after an e stop or protective stop has occurred ?

So when clearing the e stop and pressing play, how do i get this homing function to run through a pop up which asks "Do you want to home the robot ?"

Sorry for being a bit vague.

Thanks in advance.



  • matthewd92matthewd92 Founding Pro, Tactile Sensor Beta Testers Posts: 1,131 Handy
    In the before start section of the program have an assignment that uses operator input.  You can choose Yes/No as the option and then it will make the variable either True or False, then simply use an if statement to choose how to handle.

    If you want it to be automatic, you can simply determine where in space you are in the machine, get the actual TCP position and then when you are past that position in space do your homing routine.  You can access the x, y and z coordinates of the current tool position by assigning it to a variable and then referencing the variable with bracket notation, i.e

    var currPose = get_actual_tcp_pose()
    var actX = currPose[0]
    if (actX > 0.100) 
       Do your homing routine

    Hope that helps
  • JopsonLJopsonL Posts: 12 Apprentice
    Thanks, good to know i was kind of in the right direction, my next issue is that there is a home position way point in the before start and after the robot has stopped all it wants to do is go to that specific waypoint without following the homing function.

    I have tried suppressing the waypoint but then when starting the robot from origin, it wont run it auto and makes me run the program by holding down the auto button. 

    Anyway around this.

    Sorry if these questions are a bit simple, I'm new to this.

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