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C_HooverC_Hoover Posts: 9 Apprentice
edited March 2018 in Programming
I have been working on a job that when programming the robot I use the move screen to move around in just 2 axis to keep my Z height the same. What I hate about the move screen is that there are no compound movements. you cannot push both left and forward it just keeps going with whatever you had pressed first. 

What would be the easiest way to replicate the move screen with physical buttons or say a D-Pad or joystick for programming? For communications I was thinking I'd have to go with TCP but I'm not 100%. It would be great if I could write a simple URCap that could run it in the background like how the Robotiq FT300 does for programming but I believe that is way above my skill set atm. 

And for the move script I am having issues getting it to move relative to its last position. I have been trying the movej and moveL script commands but I am not sure how to get a relative move let alone moving using the right feature/pose/plane that I want to move in with compound moves.


  • matthewd92matthewd92 Founding Pro, Tactile Sensor Beta Testers Posts: 1,250 Handy
    @C_Hoover If you use the view frame of reference you can spin the 3D model of the robot and make compound moves in the XY plane, how you see the robot on the screen dictates how the front/back and left/right arrows will move the robot. 

    Hopefully that helps. 
  • C_HooverC_Hoover Posts: 9 Apprentice
    @matthewd92 thank you, you are correct that will indeed create an xy move, however I was looking for something with a little less room for error from an end user perspective. 
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