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  • Re: Spiral Search

    @_patrick_ Yes, the template will work with the FT150 sensor. You will be able to decrease the force thresholds if you use the FT150 sensor since you will have a better sensitivity with the FT150 sensor!
  • Spiral Search

    Hi Pros, 

    Here's the new program template of the week! It allows you to insert a pin or a shaft into a bore. Certain insertion applications require a lot of precision to align the part and the corresponding bore. By using the force data provided by the Force Torque Sensor FT300, the sense of touch is given to the robot’s skillset.

    Get the program template here and check out the final result below!

  • Placing a Part With Three Reference Points

    Hi Pros, 

    Here's a new program template that allows you to place a part with good positional repeatability by using the force data provided by the Force Torque Sensor FT300 to find three reference points (X, Y and Z).

    Watch the final result below and download the program template here!

  • Sneak Peek on the Upcoming Wrist Camera URCap Update for DoF Pros Only!

    Hi Pros, 

    I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about the upcoming release for the Wrist Camera URCap! 

    We've noticed that a lot of people want to use the Wrist Camera to locate stock parts for machine tending applications. For this reason, we have included a new method to teach a part to the vision system that is 3 times faster and much easier. The new parametric teaching method will allow you to input the dimensions of a simple geometric part, this means that the vision system will create a much more simple model (square, circle, ring or rectangle). The new teaching method will also have a positive impact on the processing time.

    Take a look at the video to see the new teaching process: 

     Stay tuned, we will be posting the updated release on DoF! 

  • Re: related to selection of course of study

    @Vinay4505, I understand your confusion regarding the course selection that would be appropriate to obtain all the necessary knowledge to be able to tackle such a complex project. 

    Here is a blog article that we published a few months ago that goes through the core subjects related to robotics. The core subjects are very similar for both robotics and a self-driving car. I would suggest reading this article to get a top-level idea of the requirements for such a complex system.


    Lastly, I would also like to add that you will probably not be able to find a single undergraduate or graduate level program that will provide all the knowledge required to complete a self-driving car. But, a degree in engineering at either the undergraduate level or graduate level will give you the tools and learning method required to learn almost anything! What you can learn on your own afterwards is only limited by the effort you want to invest in your project.