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  • Re: Screwing application with UR

    @yuvarajoo thanks!
  • Re: Continuous control of 2-FINGER 85

    @akihikoy 200Hz is the maximum you can obtain if you do direct Modbus RTU communication, the USB converter most probably slow this down.

    Also, controlling the Gripper at such speed will most probably give you a weird behavior. The Gripper is developped so that you send close / open / move commands and wait for a feedback. Non-stop movement command at this pace will probably gives you a shaky movement. 

    First thing you should do is have a PID loop that dampens the movement you are doing.  Know that the motion as an acceleration ramp. So if you always ask for very small movement you will never reach the cruising speed (the speed we spec is for a full stroke), thus your slow motion. For example, we usually recommend to have at least 2.4 mm of clearance on a part to get that speed up so that the object detection works. Smaller movement then this = gripper still accelerating and no object feedback & bad force control.

    Also know that the Gripper has an embedded function similar to what you are doing. The Gripper has a "re-grasp" function were it will detect if parts are slipping out by applying on continuous small pressure. When it detects the parts are slipping (fingers are closing or opening on it) it automatically moves. That function is turned off if you use force setting to 0. That function could probably be in conflict with what you are doing.
  • Re: Wrist Camera Data

    @kakimmy to get the image from the camera you can read this post: http://dof.robotiq.com/discussion/275/wrist-camera-live-image

    It contains the instruction on how to access it made by @PierreOlivier_Proulx

    There is also some more stuff you can get, like the object location pose in the instruction made by @Annick_Mottard

    Note that you can also see some data output in the log files of the robot, for example, the calibration quality is printed in the log files after the calibration, you can see mean and max error. When you teach an object, the software will print to the log files the calculated height of the part.

    Hope that helps !
  • Re: Wrist Camera and part size

    @armormodeller @David_Levasseur to add to this, the cycle time we calculated with some test in our lab would give you around 0.4 seconds for a simple shape (a ring) on a plain background. You can expect the cycle time to go up between 1 and 5 seconds for a complex part (composed of hundreds of features). 

    Also, if you want to optimize your cycle time, use a simple, uniform background. If your background contains any kind of geometric shape it will slow down the processing.
  • The Robotiq User Conference: It's Still Time to Confirm Your Presence or Join the Event!

    As you may have heard, the Robotiq User Conference (RUC) is well on its way! If you have already received your invitation, make sure to send back your form to secure your room while there’s still time! If you have not heard of the RUC yet, it’s still possible to attend this exclusive event. Read the details below:

    The Robotiq User Conference (RUC) 2017 is an event held from September 11th to 13th in beautiful Quebec City. This exclusive, invitation-only event will gather up to 200 of our key partners and manufacturing customers from all over the world.

    Here are a few good reasons why you should join us at the RUC:

    • The technical nature of the event will be unlike anything you've ever seen, with 120 world class experts working on 40 Robotiq equipped Universal Robots during a 24h workshop challenge. Start thinking about what you would do with that many robots!

    • There will be inspiring plenary talks by:

    • The event will revolve around the theme "How can we deploy more robots, faster?" There will be new products announcements aligned with this theme.

    As a RUC participant, you will be required to take part in a robotics challenge. Thus, all guests must have a basic expertise on UR and Robotiq products. Contact me if you think you are the right person to attend the event. Since you are a Robotiq guest, we’ll cover your accommodation and food expenses during the event. Travel costs will be at your expense.

    You will find everything else you need to know regarding the event in this presentation.