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  • Torque Tightening

    Hi Pros, 

    Here's the program template of the week! It allows to perform a torque tightening assembly application along UR wrist’s Z axis. It can be used in assembly tasks requiring tightening - screwing - of two parts together. This template uses the FT 300 feedback in order to tighten parts up to a defined torque. This allows to have repeatability in assembly where a torque tightening is needed. The FT 300 adds the forces and torques feedback to the robot arm. It is therefore able to complete the assembly task, including torque tightening of parts with the appropriate moment.

    Get the full program template here and take a look at this sneak peek!

  • How to Teach an Object With the New 1.2.0 Wrist Camera URCap

    Hi Pros,

    With the release of the Wrist Camera URCap (version 1.2.0), we added a new teaching method. Make sure to check out this updated video on how to teach an object with the Wrist Camera. Watch until the end to view the parametric teaching method. 

  • Re: Programming of Vision system

    Hi @cbrissette ,

    As of today, the Camera Locate node does not update any variable when it finds a part or not. I suggest you use your own variable (like a flag) inside the Camera Locate node that is set to True when the program enters the node, otherwise this variable should be False. You can then track if a part has been detected or no. If you know you have four parts, you can also verify with an incremented variable if the Camera found the part four times.

    Hope this helps!
  • Manage Stacks Using the Wrist Camera Program Template

    Hi Pros, 

    Here's the program template of the week! It allows you to manage objects in stacked trays using the Wrist Camera. It uses an advanced function that enables the use of the same snapshot position at different heights. Thus, only one object teaching and snapshot position are required to pick objects from trays at different heights.

    Get the program template here and here's a glimpse of the program in action:

    If you haven't caught the previous templates, you can find them all here

  • Link the Universal Robots' e-stop to the Gripper's power supply

    Hi Pros,

    I wanted to share with you how to configure Robotiq's 2-Finger Gripper on a UR so that it loses its power when the e-stop button is pressed. Here is how I do it: 
    • Instead of connecting the 2-Finger Gripper's red wire to a 24V pin, I connect it to a configurable output. In this example, I connected it to configurable output 0 (CO0). 
    • I connect the rest of the wires as described in the instruction manual

    • On the UR teach pendant, open a Robot program and go in the Installation tab. Click on Safety and enter the password, if required. 
    • From the Safety I/O tab, change the function assignment of the configurable output you connected the red wire to. Change it to System Emergency Stopped. In the example, I changed CO0 and CO1. 

    Performing this will cut power to the gripper when the robot's e-stop button is pressed. When it is restored, the gripper will get power back again. Remember that you will need to activate the gripper since it lost power. 

    If you would like to know more on how to integrate a gripper in a collaborative robot cell, make sure you check out this eBook