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abeachy_HG24abeachy_HG24 Posts: 76 Apprentice
I am using the FT 300 on a UR 10 and we are trying to perform a quality check on our product. The UR will bias the part that needs to be checked all the way in one direction to ensure that we are actuating the part fully. Then the UR will bring the part back and while it is doing this I would like to record the max force that the FT sees during the actuation to a variable and then use an if-statement to decide if the part is good or bad. Right now I am actuating the part and after it reaches the waypoint where the part is fully actuated, I then will record the force value to a variable to compare in an if statement. I think this method works just fine but if possible I would like to use the max force during the actuation, is this possible?


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