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fjmayerfjmayer Posts: 7Partner Apprentice
I just installed the actual sensor software (UCS-1.1.1) on a UR5. But the Active Drive Toolbar does not appear. 
Polyscope shows the installed cap software, the sensor works great with test_sensor.urp.
I tried several times deleting/installing the cap with no change. 
It's a CB3.0 robot updated with the newest Polyscope The sensor is a FT300, the F85 Gripper on this robot works ok.
Maybe I should try the old legacy ADU-1.0.1 installer? 



  • David_LevasseurDavid_Levasseur Posts: 36 Handy
    Hi @fjmayer,

    Try downgrading the URCap to version 1.0.1. You might also have to downgrade Polyscope to 3.3.4. We will address this issue with a new URCap release shortly.
  • matthewd92matthewd92 Posts: 488Founding Pro, Tactile Sensor Beta Testers Handy

    Any update on the new URCap to resolve this issue?  I am experiencing the same issue on a CB3 running 3.3.0 (lazy and haven't finished upgrading it today).  I will try the 1.0.1 version and see if that works.
  • David_LevasseurDavid_Levasseur Posts: 36 Handy
    No official release yet. But we are getting closer to a permanent solution. We are still looking for people having the problem and willing to try a beta version. If anyone is interested, please write to support@robotiq.com.

    P.S. @matthewd92, I will open a support ticket to track your issue.
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