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StudentStudent Posts: 13 Apprentice

I want to generate from the UR10 a txt file with information about the different measures, for example:

Hole 702: OK
Hole 79: NOK (bad precision)

Is that possible? If not, which would be the best option? I understand that I need a script (Matlab, C, LabView...) with a TCP server to receive the information from the cobot and then generate the txt. But I have to send the strings one by one?

I mean, I want to do a complete cycle with the cobot (taking different measures) and generate a txt with the results.



  • matthewd92matthewd92 Posts: 400Founding Pro, Tactile Sensor Beta Testers Handy
    We used to do this. Yes you need to send the strings separately. What we would do is send them in a background thread by raising a flag, setting a variable true for instance, at the end of the cycle. If the data send took longer than the time before I needed the variables again I would quickly assign them to another variable such as prev_hole_status. The other thing to remember is you cannot concatenate strings on the robot so you may need to send a key and then the value and handle putting it back together on the server. Also, we found having a slight delay between sends of 50-100 ms would keep them in the order that we sent. Otherwise sometimes they'll come in jumbled. 
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